Six ways Bokakenia can help you build stronger relationships

Six ways Bokakenia can help you build stronger relationships

Building positive relationships with the people in your life can be challenging for various reasons; however, it often comes down to communication problems, fear of vulnerability, and trust issues. Bokakenia was built to actively overcome these challenges and build stronger relationships or create new bonds with one another. 


Heres how Bokakenia can help you...


1. Break down communication barriers

Bokakenia's conversation cards provide an easy and non-threatening way to start a conversation. It can be especially useful for people who struggle with social anxiety or find it challenging to initiate conversations.


2. Facilitate deeper conversations

The cards have been built to ask thought-provoking questions encouraging players to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This helps to foster more meaningful and intimate conversations that can strengthen the connection between individuals.

In addition, you're not asking, Bokakenia is. Having somebody else ask the more challenging questions alleviates pressure and opens up more space to discuss things. 


3. Enhance your listening skills

The conversation cards are designed to help to develop active listening skills, as they require participants to pay close attention to what the other person is saying and respond thoughtfully. This can also help to improve empathy and understanding between participants.


4. Increased commitment to the conversations  

Bokakenia's conversation cards have been tested and built to make communication more engaging and interactive to help keep participants interested and invested in the conversation. This can be particularly useful in group settings, where keeping everyone engaged and involved can be challenging.


5. Learn new things about yourself and the participants

All Bokakenia decks have a specific sequence of 31 questions carefully designed to uncover all essential elements of what exactly makes your loved ones who they are. The decks have been designed and tested to uncover new layers between established and new relationships, whether your family, friends, colleagues, romantic partners, or new acquaintances. The decks will help you learn what exactly makes your fellow participant who they are. 


6. Create shared experiences

The conversations facilitated by the Bokakenia decks have players discussing their background, thoughts, and feelings. Playing Bokakenia can create a shared experience of sorts and lead to a more profound connection and understanding between players.

At Bokakenia, our goal is to build a kinder and more joyful world by helping people have real conversations with one another. The Bokakenia decks were built and tested to contain all the building blocks to build stronger bonds between friends, family, romantic partners, colleagues or even just new acquaintances. 


We exist to cultivate meaningful conversations through which all relationships thrive.


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